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Data visualisation for the public good

Data visualisation
for the public good

We understand technology, open data and global development. Working with organizations around the world, we implement cutting-edge digital solutions.

We are taking on new projects and growing our team.

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Our clients are leading humanitarian organizations, government and statistical agencies, universities, tech innovators and social enterprises who tackle the toughest challenges of our time.

Statistics South Africa
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Nationella Diabetesregistret

Success stories in global development

Daniel Lapidus has been one of my closest partners on a daily basis, and as such proven to be one of the most effective, hard working, and loyal persons I ever worked with.

Hans Rosling

Professor of International Health

Hans Rosling

What we do

Open data platforms

We love to make open data more useful with powerful technology

Data visualization

We help you communicate small and big data with clarity

Global Development

We track political and socio-economic development to understand how to create positive impact

Data storytelling

We combine data journalism and design for unique user experience

Websites and applications

We build large, complex websites based on a deep understanding of users and technology

Digital strategy

We help you stay on top of the latest trends and opportunities

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Team leadership

Daniel Lapidus

Daniel Lapidus

Director and Founder

Arek Mytych

Arek Mytych

Chief Technology Officer

Gunilla Hagström

Gunilla Hagström

Project Leader

Richard Zimerman

Richard Zimerman

UX Lead

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