What Is Democracy?

The Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company
Project Lead, Concept Development (2014)
Given a solid brief from the team at UR (The Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company), we set out to develop interaction design concepts for a web application about democracy.

The Power Factor

In this - one of our favorite projects - the challenge was to produce a range of concepts to help students get a more profound understanding of democracy. Through the set of modules, students answer questions about their own place in the world, do quizzes, "build their own democracy" and more. As an additional learning tool in the classroom, the statistics generated from the application can be used for introspection and debate.

The application won the 2015 Japan Prize ("Creative Frontier" category) for "its game mechanics that provide a fun way to learn about democracy in the classroom or at home".

It deserves attention for its game mechanics that not only tell the rules of democracy but explain what democracy means for young individuals.
From the Japan Prize, Creative Frontier Category

Concept snapshots

These are some illustrations from our iterative work for the "Power Factor web application".

Figure 1 shows a snippet of the "path to creating your own democratic system" where each choice "can have far-reaching implications for your populations' opportunities to participate politically".

Figure 2 and 3 shows snippets of the stats section of the website where students can find aggregate stats on how their peers think about the world.