New Tools For Data Journalism

Swedish Public Service Television
Data Journalism, Development (2013-2014)
Lapidus worked with SVT Pejl to create new tools for exploring large datasets relevant to current events. Together with our colleagues at SVT, we built tools and interactive experiences showing for example school results over time and income distribution. The tools were widely shared on social platforms.

Where are you on the income scale?

This tool allows fluid comparisons of income between Swedes of different age and sex. It is based on approximately 7 million income declarations binned into percentiles.

The tool was shared widely in social media and has been used by 50 000+ users.

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Daniel Lapidus has worked on a number of high-profile data visualizations for SVT Pejl. Combining skills in interactive storytelling, JavaScript programming at the highest level, and a sense for what is important in a complex data material, Daniel is a completely unique digital talent.
Kristofer Sjöholm, Project Leader, SVT

What is the relationship between parents' educational level and childrens' school results?

In this application we visualized school results over time (all Swedish schools from the "SALSA" database). By coloring each school by parents' average educational level we were able to show regional and other patterns of inequality.

Users could also select a specific county, municipality or school for detailed comparisons.

Incomes of Swedes ("Svenskarnas Inkomster")

Using icons and curves, this explorative tool shows the income distribution over time. There are presets available to quickly compare by sex, age or municipalities. There is also a tab for showing income distribution before or after tax.

The application won the Nordic Data Journalism Award for "communicating complex statistics in a straightforward and engaging way".