Improving Health Care

National Diabetes Register
Project Lead, Concept Development, Development (2014-2015)
With a new online toolset, developed in collaboration with the National Diabetes Register, there are now new possibilities for comparing clinical results - all aimed at lowering mortality in Diabetes.

A new platform

Together with a team of domain experts and backend developers at the National Diabetes Register, our team worked on many features of a major web application makeover. This included (but was not limited to):

  • Design guidelines
  • Data visualization tools
  • Data-driven profiles for Counties and Clinics
  • Patient profiles
  • Improved reporting forms
  • Dynamic patient search & filter
Launch Site

Data-driven profiles

Data for clinics and counties is easily accessible via a dashboard-like view. The data is updated daily and served to the application via an API.

The profiles feature:

  • Maps of neighbouring clinics for quick comparisons
  • Key Performance Indicators (with a traffic light system based on statistical significance)
  • Trend lines with a filtering function for diabetes type and sex

For healthcare professionals and patients

Using two types of secure authentication methods (SITHS and BANK-ID), healthcare professionals and patients can access e-services such as reporting, search & profiles.

The search list allow users to set filters (from more than 30 variables) that immediately return matching patients.

The patient profile features charts and tables, scales across devices and is printer-friendly.