Forecasting The Job Market

Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research
Project Lead, Concept Development, Development (2014)
A new, innovative tool to help study advisers and students better understand the future Norwegian job market.

Natural language interface

The landing page of the application has a "natural language user interface" that allows students to quickly find the most attractive career path for them based on 3 variables (availability of jobs, interests, and job requirements).


Additional views (line chart, table) allow students to explore the outlook for each profession more in-depth, choosing from different scenarios.

Easy to maintain database

One important requirement for this application, was the ability to easily update any data, including for example the scenarios, professions etc.

By utilizing a Google Spreadsheet solution with different tabs to organize the data and metadata, the client can easily keep the application up-to-date without having to touch any code.

Nobel prize in Bug fixing

This project would not have been possible to realize without the drive & commitment from the client's project leader Harald. Harald also awarded us this fine medal when we resolved a bug that was particularly tricky :)