Global Public Goods

Project Lead, Development (2014-2015)
Flowminder collects, aggregates, integrates and analyzes anonymous mobile operator data. To help distribute the findings and latest news from Flowminder, we developed a new website, as well as mapping tools and video.


Flowminder pioneered the use of de-identified data from mobile operators to follow population displacement. Together with Flowminder's founders, we developed a website that is built on a technology stack featuring:

  • Keystone.js (CMS)
  • AngularJS (Frontend)
  • D3js (custom map components)
  • A custom CSS framework (style guidelines)
  • Hosting: Heroku
Launch Site

Mapping tools

To quickly make available population movement estimates following the Nepal earthquake, we helped Flowminder build a map generation tool that could render report-adapted graphics with the click of a button.