Ending Rural Hunger

The Brookings Institution

in collaboration with Data Act Lab

Project Lead, Concept Development, Development (2014-2016)
Ending Rural Hunger is led by the Brookings Institution, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We lead the development of user-facing products, such as the website, data visualization tools, country profiles, video, and printed report. This meant transforming 106 indicators from 29 sources into understandable and actionable information/tools.

Website & Data tools

In September 2015, 193 countries agreed to Sustainable Development Goal 2: Achieving zero hunger by 2030.

The Ending Rural Hunger Website is a toolkit to review and follow-up on this global goal by providing insight into each country’s global efforts to end rural hunger. It features stories and tools for exploring more than 100 indicators. Users can rank, correlate and map data on needs, policies and resources.

The application is built on top of the frameworks D3.js and Angular.

Launch Site

Daniel Lapidus took us from a vague concept to a beautifully constructed web-site with a range of interactive features that have generated reactions like “WOW” from first-time visitors. He was creative, attentive, detailed, and met impossible deadlines. Thanks to his leadership, we now have a terrific user friendly, high quality product.
Homi Kharas, Senior Fellow and Deputy Director, Global Economy and Development, The Brookings Institution

Ending Rural Hunger Report

The Ending Rural Hunger Report introduces key results which emerge from the curated data. The report answers questions like "Where Food and Nutrition Security needs are greatest", "what policy reforms and investments are needed", and "which developed countries are making the biggest relative efforts to ending rural hunger".

Country profiles

The Country profiles provide an overview of key country indicators such as "How many people live in Rural Poverty" and "Which are the most common crops?"

Using an effective, data-driven approach, we built a tool that can render beautiful PDFs in an instant.

A special thanks

This project would not have been possible to realize without the drive & commitment from the client's team, including but not limited to Sinead Mowlds and Lorenz Noe, as well as from Data Act Lab, represented by Alexandra Silfverstolpe Tolstoy and Mikael Göransson. Credits also to Arek Mytych (Frontend Developer) and Martin Lindbratt and Niklas Beinhoff (Designers).