Tracking Democratic Transitions

The Brookings Institution

in collaboration with Data Act Lab

Project lead, Concept Development, Development (2015)
In this fascinating project, we worked together with Brookings Institution researchers to build a user-friendly display of a part of African political history.

Scrub through African history

The African Leadership Transitions Tracker (ALTT) is an interactive feature that factually recounts and visually presents changes at the head of state level in every African country from independence or end of the colonial period to the present. The interactive application aims to start a broader conversation about leadership transitions and what they mean for the region and beyond.

For this map view, we used scraping technology to fetch Wikipedia images of leaders to display over time. Other features include the selection of transition types and tooltips with additional information.

Launch Site

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Timeline view

For the timeline view, we devised sort and highlight features that allow users to quickly see patterns in the leadership transitions. For example, sort by "Independence", "Number of coups" or other interesting parameters.