About us

Lapidus Interactive is an award-winning data visualization and web development company. We build user-friendly tools that make complex information easy to understand.

We are a team of project leaders, developers, user experience experts, designers, journalists, and statisticians. We work with clients in a variety of inspirational fields, from health and research to education and global development.

Our work spans from leading complex open data projects to building mission critical platforms in health to setting up data journalism initiatives.

We are technology experts, but first of all people who care deeply about improving our society. We are dedicated to building tools that have a long-lasting, positive impact in the lives of many people all over the world.


Daniel Lapidus
CEO & Founder

Daniel is a data storyteller and project leader with a background in medicine and international development. At Lapidus Interactive, he is leading international projects funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the IFRC, educational ministries and other organizations and institutions. Daniel is passionate about data journalism, novel interfaces for data exploration and global development.

Arek Mytych

Arek is a seasoned software engineer with a particular interest in frontend frameworks such as Angular and React. As CTO at Lapidus Interactive, he evaluates and coordinates the development of data visualization and web development frameworks. Prior to joining Lapidus Interactive, Arek worked as a consultant, developing A/B testing solutions, analytics dashboards and WYSIWYG editors, among other projects.

Richard Zimerman
UX & Design lead

Richard leads the work on new design frameworks at Lapidus Interactive. He is also something of an expert on "isomorphic web apps". Richard completed his Masters at the University of Amsterdam with special honours for his thesis work on the use of information communication technology in promoting sustainable development. He also has experience from the field of political controversy mapping with an emphasis on climate change.